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We really enjoy Amici's primarily for the fantastic food, but also for the bright and friendly atmosphere and vibe they offer.  When we eat there, we always feel like we're dining with friends. ”

The Perrone family has a history of owning and operating several classic Italian restaurants, including several in South Florida.  Amici’s will serve classic Italian 'comfort food,’ including homemade lasagna, manicotti marinara, baked penne, veal parmigiana and Marsala and a variety of pizzas.  “Amici’s means friend,” Mary Anne Perrone said. “I named it for this town. When you’re here, you’re friends and family and it all comes together.”

“We don’t want to be like every other Italian restaurant with the same dishes and same style,” Mary Anne said. “For us, it’s about the menu. It’s not about being fancy or overkill on the presentation, it’s about traditional Italian food. It’s also keeping the décor simple and quaint, to not overdue the room — focus on the food, make sure everyone feels welcome who comes in.”